What’s happened here then?

When you clicked or typed in http://www.daintylaine.co.uk, i’m sure this wasn’t what you expected to find! I’ve had a little switch around in the way I want to run my brand, as things just weren’t as working in a way that I wanted anymore.

I’ve been blogging for a while under a different URL but as I had invested into designing it a way I wanted, I decided this would be the best platform moving forward. So here’s what’s been happening beind the scenes…

Things have shifted for me personally. Throughout my period of closure during (another) house move I felt a lot happier, a lot more freedom and a sense of creative motivation that I haven’t felt for a while. I absoloutely love creating new ideas, new products, and trying new things. I have an insane passion for learning – weird, eh? but i thrive of teaching myself something new. I will look at something in a photo and think “Well if they can do that, so can i” and I’ll learn how to. I am self-taught in every single method of creation that I have learnt (with a little help from my mama back in the day).

Creating something brings me a sense of satisfaction that I don’t find elsewhere; and without tutorials, resources and websites that give you the instructions, I wouldn’t have had the little buisness journey that I have over the last six months. 

I created DaintyLaine in June 2019 when I moved to Cumbria, and by September I had been approached by British Vogue magazine for some advertising opportunities – Amazing. 

Something was missing, though.

I didn’t feel inspired anymore, and that’s a quick time to feel a burn-out.

With instagram as my main social media platform and the school playground mentality that surrounds “Baby clothes insta” it just really didn’t sit well with me anymore. I wasn’t enjoying creating. I don’t have kids myself and I can’t (and wont) put on a front on Social Media purely for my own gain. I’m not going to force a comment under a post of someone elses kid for my own growth – it’s just not me. 

When i walked out of my nicely salaried job in Education in January I stood firmly by the statement that “You cannot put a price on happiness” and With 2020 nearing; I have made a promise to myself to discover and chase what I really want in life, and I suppose it starts here. 

I’m moving away from creating garments for sale, and moving into sharing how to create your own products. Expect a little bit of lifestyle in the middle, and more of a personal touch to my writing.

Welcome to DaintyLaine 2.0, an educational tool. A resource. Want to know how to do something? i’ll be posting about it. Want to know where to buy the best materials? I’ll find them. I’m all about sharing and love; and it’s where I’m at my happiest.

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