Where to buy FUNKY knit fabrics online.

Choosing fabrics is one of my favourite parts of creating a garment. I absolutely love imagining a beautiful floral print turned into a fluttery tunic with matching bloomers or a bold print knit ready to be worn for stomping into some mud. When I first started to sew I was a strict 100% cotton kinda girl, but now I actually prefer knits and love keeping an eye out for fresh new prints on the market.

Everytime I did a search for where to find jersey fabrics all of the lists were American or European with long shipping times! SO i’ve popped some of my faves (and a newly found one) for you to simply click and shop from. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for you stock piling beautiful fabrics!

Let’s just say that buying knit fabrics is expensive. In my sewing experience I’ve purchased anything from £5-20 per metre depending how much I needed that unique print.

First on my list and my typical “Go to” is Loubodu fabrics. This is one of my favourite retail shops for beautiful texture prints like below. Suited for babies, children’s or adult garments, I always find fabrics on this website that I fall in love with and desperately have to purchase. Typically 1/2 a metre of knit is £6 (£12pm) but you can find good deals in the sales.

Next on my list is Jellyfabrics, seller of some of the most stunning organic knit fabrics. A little pricier at around £10.99 per half metre, but some truly unique earth toned prints for clothing. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of “Baby fabrics” but have found that illustrated animals work well in the #smallbusiness world.

Fox and the bear fabrics is an smaller online store with a selection of goodies for the sewing enthusiast! Not only do they have an adorable name, but they have some adorable prints too. Priced roughly at £8 per 1/2m. I’ve yet to shop with this business but I reckon it’s one to watch, just look at this gorgeous marble print jersey knit and the jungle print too, stunning.

Higgs & Higgs is next up, with a variety of animal printed fabrics in cartoon styles, along with co-ordinating bold prints to compliment the garment perfectly. This fabric below is priced at £14.99 pm which is averagely priced. A lot of Higgs and Higgs fabric is sold via eBay at varying prices. If you are in a position to spend out on a bulk load of fabric then sign up for a wholesale account where a metre of jersey is around £6pm. The minimum spend for your first wholesale order with Higgs & Higgs is £300.

Lots & lots of geometric prints and plain coloured jerseys over at The fabric godmother. Ever since I’ve started sewing for real, I’ve been a firm fan of sewing in leopard prints. This one jumped right out at me and it looks like it would be so comfortable. With plenty of fabrics on sale and the ‘search by fabric type’ feature, you could get lost in this website for hours.

You could always have your own seamless pattern printed (PYO) via Splashings of Fabrics, or pick from their huge selection of incredible prints! The fabric they stock is priced a bit higher than average, but high quality and unique prints for your garments. The PYO page on the menu gives dates for the next run of fabric printing, and they have a Facebook group for updates and support also. This is the best method I’ve found for having your own patterns printed.

Of course eBay and Etsy are good places to start when simply practising and getting used to sewing knit fabrics. Be careful not to get over charged so always compare with independent sellers and find a good deal.

Would you be interested in learning how to create your own seamless pattern? Tutorial coming soon! Sign up via E-mail for post updates.

What will you create?

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