10 Christmas traditions to start this year

How do you keep the Christmas magic alive? Especially if you’re a family with older children or you haven’t had children yet! It’s something that can lose it’s “family together” feel quite quickly if you let it, but we don’t want that do we! Here is a list of 10 Christmas traditions & activities you can do throughout December to ensure the magic is thriving – it is the most wonderful time of the year, after all!

Start off December with watching a light switch on. Nothing else quite symbolises Christmas does it? Your children will learn that this is when Christmas truly begins, and you can even tie it in with putting up your tree (if you’re happy to do it THAT early….).

Make a homemade ornament for the tree. Each year we make sure we purchase two tree decorations that, over time, will grow into a collection of decorations that remind us of past christmases. This year my tree has been consumed by Pom Poms! Start off with a salt dough foot print for baby and then find something new each year; this also works as a rainy day activity throughout December.

Make & Decorate a gingerbread House. Even as an adult this is something I’d love to do each Christmas. Who doesn’t love making their own little house with jelly bean door knobs? Obviously the best part being eating it afterwards!

Take a Christmas morning family photo. Messy hair, awful pyjamas, half asleep – one day you will be able to look back on a journey of Christmas throughout your child’s life!

Welcome Elf on the shelf to the festive family. For some strange reason my nephew doesn’t believe in Father Christmas but the whole Elf thing is real, so it allows us to keep a little magic going for us, but it’s a wonderful way to build up the excitement in the run up to Christmas Day.

Write a letter to Father Christmas. No emails, no text messages and definitely not face-time, go for a simple old school letter and make sure you remember to write one back and send it to come through the door! We have already found some resources for letters and printables here.

Create a Prediction jar. Have everyone in the family write down how they think the next year will go, pull the jar out in the following year to see what comes true!

Have a movie marathon. We tend to go for things like Harry Potter or Lord of the rings, and stay on the sofa in our pjs all day! Get the snacks in, find all of the blankets in the house and make it a full-on commitment.

Visit a Christmas Market! Big or small, feel the magic in the air.

Plan your New Years un-resolutions. Instead of things you want to do in the next year, what about the things you don’t want to do? mix it up a little!

What are some of your own Christmas traditions?

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