DAINTYLAINE is a creative & lifestyle blog doccumenting the journey and aventures of a 28 year old living in Cumbria.

For the most part, the blog will hold tutorials, reviews and resources to allow you to embrace your inner creative monster and find the love for making your own items, just like me. The other part of the blog will encapsulate the other loves of my life, Travelling and exploring the world with Mr B.

I have always been a big fan of creating things myself; from clothing to home decor, and even cozy blankets for the sofa. With an attitude of “Well if they can do it; so can i” I have taught myself many skills over the last 10 years. My recent role as a self-employed creative has been to produce handmade children’s clothing, and create an E-zine focussing on supporting small businesses. Within six months I was advertising in British vogue; something I never thought would be on my radar. I love to write and share photography, and I simply love to learn new skills (nerd alert).

I truly believe that you cannot put a price on happiness. In October when I decided to turn DaintyLaine into an educational tool rather than just a business, I wasn’t letting go of six months of hard work; but adapting it to meet my lifestyle needs. I don’t really fit in a box. You’ll see that from my creations and my work. I run with ideas and see what happens. It’s the beauty of creativity.

Stay tuned for my weird and wonderful world of creating. Sign up via E-mail to get updates on reccomended products and tutorials, and connect via social media with me! x